Essential Panty Styles You Should Know

May 30 , 2021

Essential Panty Styles You Should Know

After you put so much effort into choosing the perfect fit bra, it can be all too easy to forget about matching it with the right panty! There are lots of different style of panty that could match with your bra. The right panty can create a sleek silhouette, and keeps you feeling confident, comfortable, and sexy. In this guide, you’ll find the panty styles that every woman should have!


Thongs are a true must for every woman’s wardrobe. With zero coverage on your butt and minimal coverage on your hips, a thong provides a seamless and VPL-free look. Thongs are a great option for tighter cloths, but they can be uncomfortable if you don't find the material or size for you.

Thong Panty


Bikinis typically have a high rise and thicker sides. They keep you covered front and back. Although they'll show panty lines, many people go back to their brief underwear because they're so comfortable.

Bikini Panty


Similar to the bikini, a hipster panty has a more square cut and a slightly higher rise. Hipsters have greater side coverage on the hips, creating a modest effect. Wear your hipster panties underneath your favorite jeans for a comfy fit!

Hipster Panty


Boyshorts are a feminine take on a man’s boxer brief. Boyshorts have a longer cut, extending to the very top of the thighs, below the crotch line. This style provides greater coverage, but is still ladylike, and incredibly comfortable. They are perfect when wearing loungewear and loose skirts, as they'll provide the most coverage if you're skirt flies up since it looks like a cross between underwear and shorts.

boyshort panty

High Briefs

This style has a higher waist, with longer, wider leg openings, and thinner side coverage. This creates a higher cut leg, while still providing moderate to full coverage.

highrise panty


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