Plus Size Lingerie: Celebrating Your Curves

Aug 01 , 2021

Plus Size Lingerie: Celebrating Your Curves

As a plus size woman, you might feel being left out whilst trying to purchase sexy plus size lingerie, or even feel like everything you find looks like it was designed for your grandma. However in these days contrary to popular belief plus size lingerie is not difficult to find, and can be extremely liberating when you don’t have to share your body shape with others. Remember that when your vision matches your body type there will be no more thinking about what you want or feeling self conscious about how you look. Plus size lingerie isn’t just for big girls anymore; teens and young women are discovering what everyone else already knows: they look awesome in thongs, garter belts, box cut jean shorts, feather boas and topless swimsuits.

In these days plus size lingerie is becoming trendy again. It used to be taboo to wear anything larger than a D cup. But not any ore! It used to be considered heavy to wear lace, chiffon, satin and frills. But now there's so many designs that look great on larger cup sizes. Our favorite new trend is adding a half cup size or more to a regular fit. There's still a lot of dolly stuff out there, but things are getting a bit more real. Young woman these days who grew up in the 80s and 90s are getting older and wanting to feel good about themselves. There is no shame in this and I love seeing women wearing what they feel is right.

As Red Romantic Lingerie we believe that plus size woman should not only wear boring colors like beige lingerie or black lingerie. In our Plus size collection can find your lingerie in brighter colours. Plus size red lingerie is one of the favourites.

It is totally normal that your curves will constantly change, depending on your diet and exercise regime. It's always better to check our most updated measurements for perfect fit bra before buying plus size lingerie and be sure to check our products size guide before checkout.

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