Plus Size Lingerie Market Is Growing: Brands Are Expanding Their Sizes

Aug 01 , 2021

Plus Size Lingerie Market Is Growing: Brands Are Expanding Their Sizes

Plus size women are breaking ground and changing the industry — literally. Inspired by womens like Tara Lynn and Ashley Graham, plus size clothing and accessories are coming to market at a greater pace than ever before. It is an emerging demographic that is experiencing pressure to be more comfortable and confident in their skin: heavier, skinnier, braver — just like us! As women of all sizes are starting to speak out against the standards that are society have set for them, more and more companies are acknowledging that the standard sizes just don’t fit all!

For example, qualities most idealized for a female were once exclusively associated with men: thoughtful, reserved, subservient. As women gain more independence, they also want to feel confident when they are wearing their apparel and coming across as the confident woman that they truly are. There are actually some great plus size lingerie brands expanding their sizes, not only within this industry but throughout all retail stores. It is becoming more acceptable for women to be sexual and to take up less space than they used to even 10 years ago. As more women gain the confidence to explore their bodies through positive imagery as opposed to negative images, it is only fitting that plus size lingerie brands be included in that exploration.

The plus size lingerie market has been growing rapidly in recent years, and there are now dozens of different options from which women can buy their dream bra size. Gone are the days where women had to settle for less-than-ideal bras; now there are a wide variety of stylish options that offer fashionable support without overwhelming women who have already put in a lot of time and effort to achieve a smaller size. Start celebrating your curves !

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