Tips for Finding the Perfect Bra

May 16 , 2021

Tips for Finding the Perfect Bra

Most women are wearing wrong size bras that will make them feel uncomfortable, slip off their shoulders, and create awkward spillage situations. Most women aren’t getting the support they want to get. It doesn't have to be like that! 

The solution is finding and investing in a set of undergarments that are the right cut, fit, and size and all you need is a tape measure.

  •  Wear your best fitting underwire bra then lift your breasts up so the tape measure is directly under them. Make sure it’s parallel to your band again then measure around your torso. 
    • Second step is to measure your burst. Place the tape again around your fullest part of your purst parallel to your band and measure up
    • Last step is to calculate your bra size, subtract your band size from your bust size and using the difference to find your cup size according to a bra size chart.


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