Tips How To Wash Your Bra Correctly

May 16 , 2021

Tips How To Wash Your Bra Correctly

These Tips Are Going to Help You To Wash Your Bra Without Destroying It.
 It’s highly possible that you washed your bra in the washing machine at least one time. This can be frustrating as when you take the bra out of the machine the fabric might have torn up or the wires might pop through the fabric. There is a reason why Bras called delicates and you need to to wash them delicately.
The first question you might ask is How often should I wash my bra?
There is no need to wash your bra everytime to wear them. However especially when the weather is warm! Bras collect dirt, sweat, dead skin cells and all sorts of nasty things, so if its summer time you need the wash them more often.
But if it is not used in high energy sports, and it you did not sweat so much, its okay to wash your bra after you wear them 3 or 4 times.
The second question you could ask  is How should I wash my bra?

The best way to wash your bra is by hand. With this way you will be able to wear your bras for a long time and it extends the comfort. We promise it’s not taking that long.
First of all have a look at the label before washing. Most of the time it will be okay if you use a little bit of detergent and wash them in your sink.

Make sure your sink is clean and fill it with warm water defınetely not hot, and add some laundry detergent, then place your bra in it and let it soak. Once it all soak use your hand to clean the fabric.
After the bras are fully cleaned, drain the sink and rinse them off. Make sure to rinse them fully so there’s no lingering soap anywhere.
For Drying, you may just lay them on a clean towel, just be sure that towels do not get over-saturated with water as the bras are drying, otherwise the bras will be sitting on a wet towel not drying.

Another way is to just hang them in the middle from the bra so that the shape of the bra won’t be damaged.

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